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how to choose granite1. Select an experienced stone fabricator registered under The Pennsylvania Home Improvement Consumer Protection Act.

2. Be certain that the company employs fully insured Templaters and Installers and not uninsured sub-contractors.

3. Only purchase Select or 1st Choice stone materials – not 2nd choice or commercial grade stones.

4. Use a company with a highly experienced Design Consultant to assist with the finer details of your project.

5. Buy from a company that imports directly, as they know the source of the material and can provide the best protective resins and highest finishes.

6. So that you understand the color and full pattern that will arrive at your home, only purchase stone after reviewing full slabs. Do not purchase from samples.

7. Ask to see and feel examples of the fabricators seam quality.

8. Purchase from a fabricator with Computerized Numeric Control (CNC) machinery so that your edges are precision milled and diamond polished, providing the highest quality edge finishes.

9. Check the company’s rating at the Better Business Bureau

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Download Checklist

Please take a moment to review the list below. The more information you bring with you, the more we can help you with your project. We’re looking forward to working with you.

Counter top dimensions
Inside width of sink cabinet
Cabinet finish sample (drawer or cabinet door)
Floor sample, if available
Magazine pictures and ideas
Photographs of your room, if available
Enthusiasm and great ideas. Let’s design together!!


Getting an Estimate:
granite-countertopVisit our Warminster showroom to start your process. Some people find it helpful to bring their cabinet door, tile samples, wall colors etc. with them to aid in making their material selection. Please also bring your cabinet plans or rough dimensions for quoting purposes. During your visit we will guide you through the entire process. From material and edge selection to other variables needed. Once the selection has been made we will furnish you with an estimate. Upon acceptance we will reserve the slabs for your project. Once your cabinets are in their permanent position we will set up a date to come and create a digital template of your new counters. Cabinet layouts can also be e-mailed to

100% Digital Templates:
Our templaters has been making precision templates exclusively for Suburban for many years. There is nothing they can’t do nor question they can’t answer for you. Ask away, they are there for you. At template you will be able to see a digital line drawing of your new counters. All variables will be discussed…custom curves and radius can be viewed and adjusted right on the screen. This device allows you to see and approve your exact layout and allows your full design input assuring you get exactly what you expected.

Precision Fabrication:
Once back at the shop we will review the digital templates with the exact slabs that you selected for your project. The focus will be on maximizing material use in regards in veining/grain pattern and minimizing seams. Once cut your material travels to our state of the art Breton CNC where your new counters and edges are custom formed for an exact fit. Once formed your tops then travel to one of our experienced fabricators for edge finishing. Finishing your edges by hand instead of on the CNC produces the most brilliant shine possible.

Installation is Next:
We don’t subcontract any work. Everyone in your home is a Suburban employee. We do not rush through the install as we pay close attention to all details therein robbing you of the quality installation that you’ve paid for, expect and deserve. That’s just another way Suburban Marble brings only the best into your home.

Customer Satisfaction:
That’s it. Your new counters are installed and you can enjoy your amazing counters for many, many years to come. Read our testimonials to see what people are saying about Suburban Marble & Granite!

how to clean marbleYour new natural stone purchase is an investment in lasting beauty that will give you many years of enjoyment. This care guide gives you a few tips on how to properly care for your natural stone and help extend its life and beauty. Following some simple procedures, and using the correct cleaning methods and products, will insure you a lifetime of use from your natural stone.

Natural stone has been formed over millions of years but improper care can ruin nature’s beauty. Although we usually think of stone as “hard”, it is a porous material that can absorb spills and stains if left untreated. Sealing your stone is a vital part of the installation process.

At Suburban Marble & Granite we apply a quality impregnating sealer to all the stone we install which will prevent most spills from damaging your investment. Once sealed properly, your stone is protected against everyday dirt and spills. Also proper cleaning methods are vital to help the sealer last longer and keep your stone protected without damaging your stone’s natural beauty.

Using a neutral cleaner specially formulated for natural stone will help remove soils that normal dusting or damp cleaning leave behind. We recommend SCI Products Marbamist as an everyday cleaner. This cleaner is developed especially for natural stone and tile care. Its unique blend of neutral cleaning agents makes it gentle on your stone. Do not use general purpose cleaners or you may damage your stone or break down the sealer. Do not use products that contain lemon, vinegar or other acids as these may etch the stone surface and damage the polish. Do not use scouring powders or creams; these products contain abrasives that may scratch the surface.

granite for bathroom in newtown paAfter installing thousands of jobs, we have learned that selecting a sink that properly fits in your sink base and counter top is an important technical requirement of any counter top fabrication. Please consider the following items when purchasing a sink outside of Suburban:

1. Not all sinks will fit in the dimensions of your sink base cabinet and/or countertop.

2. Technical requirements that must be considered:

Size of sink base cabinet
3 1/2” minimum countertop material required in front and back of sink cut-out
Allowance for any backsplash material
Allowance for sink flange
Allowance for tilt trays (if applicable)
Material remaining behind sink cut-out may only accommodate certain size faucets and/or a limited amount of drillings;
Confirm faucet handle will operate unobstructed.
Consider sink depth

* If at template it is determined that your sink and/or faucet configuration does not work, a new installation date will be required pending your purchase of new sink and/or faucet.

** Suburban Marble & Granite, Inc. is committed to providing you the best customer service in the stone industry and supplies sinks and/or faucets at your request.

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